Thierry Lundy - Today's Spoken-Word Comedic Actor

Monday, October 26, 2009 |

Blood, sweat, and tears stain every stage that actor, Thierry Lundy, touches. Born and raised in Miami, FL, now residing in Pennsylvania, this young talent can be spotted all over New York City for the countless opportunities that he seeks in his career. He is an actor, comedian, and National Spoken-Word artist. When asked what his pieces could be described as, the actors response was, "comedy fused with great acting."

A to-the-point statement that is well received and 100% creditable. With the use of accurate hand gestures and eerie facial expressions, the audience members become captivated.

A perfect example of this would be his "What Goes Up, Must Come Down"- One Man Show, where he plays the role of an egotistical Snickers bar. A must-see skit that will have you grabbing at your sides, laughing till it hurts.

Although Thierry is an all-around actor, he also specializes in Spoken-Word Poetry. In fact, October of 2008, he performed at the world famous
Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. He recited his "Sky is Falling" poem which was dedicated to all those to died in the 9/11 tragedy.

Thierry Lundy is truly an inspiration to many. Using monologues, he educates on subject matters such as gun violence and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Speaking truth and awareness through comedy. An activist and educator on violence, he brings new meaning to leadership.

Being a very funny comedian, don't be surprised to find a lot of humor in his work. And that is a welcomed treat for all. Who doesn't enjoy a great laugh every now and then?


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