Thierry Lundy - National Spoken-Word Artist

Sunday, November 1, 2009 |

An actor, comedian, and National Spoken-Word Artist, Thierry Lundy aspires to be on the big screen. This explosive young actor is sure to become one of your favorite actors--a household name in every family. Check out the video and see for yourself why Thierry Lundy is the future of entertainment. I sat down with the future thespian and picked his brain on a few topics that I'm sure the readers of Spoken Word New York are interested in. Check out the interview!

What exactly do you do...How did you get started?
I act. I create great monologues with interesting plots and characters, and perform them.

When did you know you wanted to become an artist?
I took an evaluation of my personality, and said to myself that this is where I need to be. I can't let my talents go to waste.

What/Who inspired you to become an artist...your influences?
My influences are friends and family. They are constantly motivating me to use my talents to progress in life.

Describe what entertaining is to you?
Making people laugh, smile, and be able to go home and talk to their family and friends about that young actor that they enjoyed so much.

Favorite entertainers? Who's doing what you are doing?
Michael Jackson. Period.

What have you learned, throughout your career, about this business. Any advice to artists that are just starting out?
That I need to hustle as hard as I can to stay ahead of the competition. Artists that are just starting out need to ask themselves "How bad do I want to succeed?" That's where most of your drive is going to come from.

Who is your target audience?
My work is catered to all age groups. I have monologues and poetry for adults and kids of all ages.

You're an actor, comedian, and spoken word artist. You've also written all of your skits and performances, which makes you a Playwright. What have you accomplished since you began your career?
I've had the opportunity to perform at the World Famous Apollo Theater. I am also taking part in a show that we will be putting on in November,2009 in Manhattan's Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

What projects are you working on...what are your future plans?
I just recently completed my one-man show DVD! I am also working on a one-man show that I'm going to cater to the Mars candy company. THAT I am extremely excited about!

And we are all excited for you.