Poetry - The Art of Words, Spoken and Written

Monday, September 14, 2009 |

Poetry, spoken and written, is an aesthetic, evocative emotional language that lends itself to many interpretations. It often uses particular forms to expand the literal words to evoke these emotional and sensual responses to be appreciated by each individual reader.

The poet has many writing tools from which to choose. There are over fifty types of poetry styles. However, most poets work within the eight basic poetry-writing styles: free verse, humorous poems, limerick, lyrical, diamante, Haiku concrete and ballads. Others who are more adventurous or advanced may wish to experiment with styles such as these more modern forms: dub, analysis, prose slam, and Spoken Word Poetry.

Spoken Word Poetry is usually written in lines and verses otherwise referred to as Stanza which captures images vividly in an original refreshing way. At the same time it combines elements like theme, tension, complex emotions and profoundly reflects thought. Spoken Word Poetry incorporates sound and a most important element called rhythm, which in most cases is achieved by arranging lines into meters. One of the skills of poetry mastery is the ability of a poet to use figure of speech to give vivid images of the theme.

Poetry as a literary art may seem unattainable to the masses, however, it is by no means exclusive to brow-lifting subject matter or complicated style. Nursery rhymes, impromptu songs, spoken word performances, whether composed of nonsense or million-dollar words, are all highly accessible forms of poetry.

Delve into the rhythm of speech and discover a world of language that can open your eyes to the richness of spoken word poetry or written poetry--discover your passion for words.


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