A New Contender In The Art Of Spoken Word Poetry

Monday, August 31, 2009 |

Onika Pascal is wonderful at the art of spoken word poetry. In her second book, "Collections of a See Through Soul - Bardvillian Symphonies", she shows her leadership in this area. The basic structure of many different types of poetry can be seen in this volume. The many illustrations of poetry will allow the reader to fully understand what poetry really is.

There are a variety of different style poems in this book. Each piece represents all of Pascal's poetic artistry. She can translate the more difficult ideas into something that is easy to comprehend. The style in which she writes is clear and easy to understand. It is easy for any individual to understand spoken word poetry without difficulties. Pascal's words are brief, clear and concise in this sequel book.

Pascal broaches a number of different subject areas through her poems. From dealing with daily life; the love of her family; her country--her book speaks soundly of human emotion. The emotions that come from day-to-day life, from happiness to despair, are all covered in her book's short stories.

In reading her book, we are allowed a glimpse into her most inner soul. Sprinkled among her other poems are haiku that readers will ponder. It includes witty content that will leave readers amused. Having a copy of her book means that you will always be able to learn about spoken word poetry.

Onika Pascal has proven herself to be one of the most knowledgeable poets, teaching us the correct way to write the many forms of poetry. She has a kind of skill that others look up to. Wonderfully constructed poetry is there for any individual who picks up a copy of some of her writings. Your mind, body, and soul will find peace when reading her works.

Its been said that one doesn't begin writing poems because of the money or fame, but because of the love of the art. If you do not understand it, not much can make it clearer for you. You have to try this for yourself. Onika Pascal's collection of words will allow you a firsthand experience with a love of poetry. You soon will fall in love all over again with words--spoken word poetry.


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