Justinah McFadden - Poetry Author of the Year

Friday, October 23, 2009 |

Who is your target audience?
I honestly don't have a target audience. I feel that everyone can relate to my writing, from children to the elderly. I write about life. Faith, hope, believing, self love, forgiveness. Mostly, I want readers who have read my work, to finish it feeling uplifted. A thought process should start and leave them examining their own world. I write for human kind.

Who do you NOT want to target in your books...who do you NOT write for?
There isn't anyone I don't write for. I feel if there is a person full of hate, jealousy, resentments, stuck in the past; my books will help them examine their world. Almost like an eye opener.

Who do your books relate more to--men or women?
Again I feel like either gender can and will relate. However, with that said, I am a woman, which makes my poems written from a woman's point of view. For instance, in my first book, Tainted Thoughts on a Purple River, the very first poem is, "The Woman Within." Suggesting that a female can relate to that particular piece. On the same note when I talk about love, God and self, I'm speaking to both genders. I also have a large male based audience and both genders purchase my books. I receive lots of love and empathy from both sides. It's awesome!

What improvements would you make...changes, if any?
I honestly wouldn't change anything from my past because it shaped me into the woman I am today. The only thing I would have done differently is start my publishing sooner. But everything is at Gods speed. His will--not my own.

Was there work that you wanted to put into certain books that you left out and for what reasons?
Never...I write exactly what comes to mind...I rarely edit anything. The truth, when you're in it for real, nothing is ever too personal.

How often do you write?

I write everyday! Every chance I can. I'm constantly evolving and thinking and ready to pour my thoughts out on paper.


thatswhat_iDO mEDia said...
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thatswhat_iDO mEDia said...

Follow the spirit to want more
Unlock the secrets of your well-being
Capture the inner human spirit
Release the feel good feature inside
Multiply your self-worth in volumes
Mold to inspire what others think
See yourself as the projecting image
The reflection in the mirror never lies

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